Community Groups

Why should you be a part of a Providence CG?

God’s relationship to us is loving and redemptive, and He wants our relationships to mirror those qualities. This means at least three things: He has a higher goal for our relationships than our personal happiness. He wants our relationships to be the context for the change He works in and through us. We need to build relationships that encourage this work of change. What do we hope to accomplish through our Community Groups? Our Community Groups exist to magnify Jesus through spreading the Gospel in our neighborhoods, building mutually edifying relationships with other believers, and growing together in our faith. We do this to fulfill our mission as ambassadors for Jesus, and to help one another love, honor, and obey Jesus.

When and Where do the Community Groups meet?

Community Training

Community Training is a study of the basics of church life. This class is our new membership class in which we discuss topics that pertain specifically to church life. The purpose of this class is our way of insisting that every member of Providence Community has a working knowledge of why our church functions the way it does. This is not to say that every person who takes the class must join our church, but this is a forum that equips believers in their personal walk with God. CT covers the following topics: Why We Exist: Purpose Statement God’s Powerful Word Jesus Christ: The Only Way Standing Firm in Grace Leadership Team: Elders and Deacons God-focused Worship: Recovering the Heart of Biblical Worship Biblical Philosophy of Music A Biblical Response to Believers who are in Sin A Biblical Response to Believers who Differ in Christian Practice A Call to the Gospel: Church, Community, and the World Grace to Give Church Membership: Doctrinal Statement and Constitution

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